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Construction with a professional touch

Technicas can handle all construction to the exact specifications for almost any industry. We have a commitment to excellence and take pride in our work by meeting or exceeding industry standards and requirements. From a diverse range of metals fabrication, assembly and installation services to customized one-offs to repetitive production runs, we can plan, engineer, manufacture, test, and document your finished products. Technicians and professionals working on the project are qualified with years of experience in the industry.

Technicas provides all our customers with expert advice to help assist with determining solutions for their business such as, quality improvements, productivity improvements, labor savings, automation, increased safety, and cost reductions. Technicas also support OEM’s who want to build their products in this region as well as specialize in special projects where equipment needs to be built in a time bound manner and installed on various sites around the world.

With clearly defined objectives, criteria, procedures, controls, and management tools we ensure a successful and timely delivery of any project, meeting all requirements.

Our direct and indirect clients