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Valve Packs

Subsea valve packs are used for hydraulic control functions on multiple equipment at the same time by controlling the direction, flow and pressure from one single location. These are typically used for controlling manipulators, subsea tooling, pan and tilt units, actuators etc. on an ROV, but are also used on other equipment, tooling skids etc.

Technicas’ intelligent subsea valve packs are compatible with a wide range of sea tools available in the market today.

Valve Packs

Used on complex underwater systems, Technicas’ valve packs can be supplied with a range of solenoid or servo valves fit for a variety of functions, flows and pressures. These can be integrated with existing control systems to monitor and control functions on the valve packs. 

Standard versions come in NG3 – 4, 8 and 12 station, and NG10 in 2 and 4 station with up to 350 bar and 220 ltrs/min. Internal temperature, moisture and pressure sensors help in real time monitoring and diagnostics. All these can be tailored to specific end use requirements for various other specifications.

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