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Launch & Recovery Systems

Experience of manufacturing more than 200 LARS.

Launch & recovery systems are used in the offshore and marine industry to launch and recover mainly ROV’s, but can be used for other offshore and subsea equipment as well. Experienced and innovative, we have the experience of manufacturing a wide range and various types of LARS equipment with one of the largest and leading subsea companies in the world.


Technicas’ seaLauncher™ range of LARS systems can be used for a wide range of offshore scenarios, deep-water or heavy weather usage for launch and recovery of ROV’s, Diving or other subsea equipment. With an extensive range of LARS systems, our seaLauncher™ range comes in different models such as standard over-boarding launch systems, fixed launch systems, heavy weather cursor rail launch systems, cursor wire launch systems, moon-pool launch systems, or overhead gantry launch systems.The LARS can be designed and built to meet certification requirements such as DNV, ABS or other certifying agencies based on customer specifications.

These systems can also be modified to suit customer or vessel requirements when a standard model will not fit on a vessel. We have the experience of modifying the LARS to suit the vessel area and surroundings and integrate it with the vessel structure for a safe and reliable launch system, all certified and approved by DNV, ABS or other classification society. In such scenarios a site visit is conducted on the vessel to perform a detailed study and inform all stakeholders of any requirements and necessary changes prior to any modification on the vessel or manufacturing of the LARS.

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