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Subsea Environment Observatory

Subsea environment observatories are specialized equipment to monitor and log changes in the environment and surroundings for months or years at a stretch. These observatories sit silently on the sea bed for years detecting and logging changes in the sea salinity, temperature, pH levels etc. and other shifts in the rapidly changing environment in today’s world. They can be placed in deep sea, harsh and remote locations which are out of human reach.

Technicas has the experience of designing one of the most advanced subsea observatories in the world, and can help customers for their subsea environmental monitoring and research projects.

Environment Observatory

The observatory comes with field proven components and sturdy frames designed to DNV 2.7-3.

Our designs can be modular or fixed designs where data and information can be retrieved on regular intervals (weekly or monthly) or can be fed to onshore monitoring centers in real time.

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