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Pollution Control Systems

Pollution Control Systems are infrastructure used to control industrial or chemical processes that generate hazardous emissions by combustion which contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Particulate Matter (PM) and/or odor that requires pollution control before the exhaust stream can be released to atmosphere. There are several pollution control technologies which can be utilized to treat the exhaust stream.

Technicas can help customers to determine which pollution control technology is best suited for a given application, taking into various considerations such as, capital investment, operating costs, VOC concentration, exhaust gas flow rate, pretreatment/post treatment requirement, ability to increase system efficiency and the ability to handle widely range of solvents in the waste gas.

With its innovative and custom designed thermal oxidations systems, Technicas can help to to eliminate hazardous emissions. Thermal oxidation is considered one of the most positive, well proven technology suitable for a wide variety of processes and often the best choice because of the ability to achieve high VOC Destruction Rate Efficiency (DRE) and usually no further treatment is required. Thermal Oxidation is not generally recommended for controlling gases containing halogen gases (fluorine, chlorine) or sulfur containing compounds. Get in touch with us for a discussion on pollution control and how we can help.

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