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PLEM (Pipeline end manifold) and PLET (Pipeline end termination) are subsea structures to attach subsea pipelines and pipeline ends. These equipment will have numerous components to direct, control or isolate the flow, with other functions such as chemical injection, pig launching and more as required based on project needs. Jumpers are then utilized to tie-in to other subsea structures or other PLEM or PLET. 

Technicas has worked with PLEM and PLET modules since early 2000’s for lead operators. Our experience can help customers to suit their project requirements.


Technicas’ PLEM and PLET are designed with mudmats for seabed support for quick and reliable installation. And with our core experience with ROV’s for two decades, our PLET and PLEM come with simple ROV interfaces, proven connector interfaces and components for long life and ultra deepwater environments.

Our designs are suitable for either J-lay or S-lay installations with simple installation procedures, with all equipment undergoing a structured FAT and SIT, including specific customer requirements based on project needs.

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