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Hydrogen Refueling Systems

Hydrogen is the next generation of fuel which provides zero emission from production to consumption, eliminating the dependency on carbon fuels worldwide. To facilitate the production and delivery of this fuel, Hydrogen refueling systems are infrastructures used to produce, store and fill different vehicles with hydrogen fuel with zero carbon footprint.

Technicas’ hydrogen refueling systems are modular and can be designed as compact and containerized solutions to meet customer requirements of different capacities of up to 1,000 kg of hydrogen per day. Hydrogen is stored in pressures up to 200 bar, with refueling performed at different pressure stages of up to 1000 bar for various vehicle types.

With high safety, small footprint and easy to install systems, Technicas can install the system as a part of an existing fuel station or it can be installed as a new, separate and independent refueling system. Detailed site visits and studies are performed prior to confirm the suitability of each project.

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