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Filtration & Separation Skids

A filtration skid is a turnkey engineering solution to filter particles and fluid in a suspension (liquid or gas) and isolate any component as required, whereas a separation skid separates a mixture or solution into two or more different products. These type of skids are used in various industry sectors from oil & gas, petrochemicals to pharmaceuticals and food processing.

Technicas provides custom designed filtration and separation solutions to various industries in demanding applications of multiphase, air, gas and liquid filtration.

Filtration Skid

Technicas skids are built to international standards after conducting a detailed study of required needs and specifications to suit customer requirements. Quality components and elements used in our skids ensure lower maintenance and operating costs over the lifecycle of the equipment.

Sturdy 304 stainless steel filter housings, robust frames certified to DNV 2.7-1, or ASME U or U2 certified carbon steel pressure vessels are used with different options and configurations. Various application based internal components come with 100% integrity tested during production for various parameters such as high solids retention, low differential pressures etc., with elements easy to install and change for trouble free maintenance.

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