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Subsea Injection Skids

ROV Fluid Injection Skids are equipment used in subsea intervention which allow an ROV to perform fluid transfer or pressure testing applications subsea, where these skids are underslung or back mounted on an ROV.

Technicas has years of experience with ROV Fluid Injection Skids which can be integrated to various work class ROV systems available in the market today.

Injection Skids

Technicas’ subsea injection skids have fully adjustable pressure outputs, from low pressure up to 15000 psi custom solutions. Various options can be provided including flow, pressure and temperature monitoring / logging solutions, and manifold with pilot operated valves to select different pressures.

The ROV injection skid systems comes with various reservoir sizes with up to 2 x 200 litres soft fluid reservoirs which are compatible with glycol, seawater and oil. High quality and durable buoyancy blocks are used to help to go further deep for extended periods of time.

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