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ROV Intervention Panels

ROV or subsea intervention panels are used for facilitating different functions during subsea operations and maintenance. An ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) will access the intervention panel and operate the intervention panel valves with the use of manipulator, hot stabs or torque tools. Intervention panels also provide redundancy in the event of subsea control system failures.

Technicas has more than 15 years of experience with subsea intervention panels and can help customers with ROV friendly and small footprint panels, with the design catered to meet various customer requirements.

ROV Panel

Technicas intervention panels come with various assembly configurations with components such as ROV paddle valves, hot stab receptacles, subsea gauges, torque receptacles, subsea gauges, check & isolation valves etc. Design pressures are available up to 1034 bar (15000 psi) with all components tested during the FAT.

The panels are built to API 17D specifications and all designs having the flexibility to meet structural requirements. Added base baskets can be used for parking equipment to enable easy use of additional equipment by the ROV.

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